About us

URBAN LAB is a Lebanese born, internationally raised blog committed to telling stories of the urban world on one hand: how it works, the challenges it faces, the ideas it launches, and the solutions it needs; and on the other hand, stories of Lebanon: why its cities are great and how they can be better.

Our Vision

Our vision is for an urban world, which cities are aiming to the better, creating images soaked in meanings and memories for its residents and visitors.

Our Mission

Worldwide, a beautiful and pleasant environment is an oddity, some would say an impossibility. It’s hardly surprising then that most Lebanese have little idea of what it can mean to live in a “fine-quality” environment. They are clear enough about the ugliness of the world we live in and they are quite vocal about the trash crisis, the air pollution, the congestion, the substandard roads and highways, the chaos and yet the monotony of it. But they are hardly aware of the potential value of our cities. They can have little sense of what a setting or a city can mean in terms of daily delight, or as a continuous anchor for their lives, or as an extension of the meaningfulness and richness of the world.

Our blog will provide ideas on how the world cities are building and preserving their image, structure and identity in order to inspire Lebanese cities.

Through telling stories, we will hopefully inspire better cities.

Telling Stories, Inspiring Cities…